I’ve never been particularly interested in watching sports. But there are, every here and then, jobs that deal with sports. I like to look behind the curtain rather than spectacularly capture stunts.

Hans von Sonntag

On 9 Nov 1989, a producer I’ve never met unpacked a brand-new, latest and greatest Sony Betacam. Outside, down the window, Berlin’s streets are busy like every day. But we know it already. The Berlin Wall is going to break down today. The gates will be open soon, and the world will be very different. […]

The lavatory cycle

Henkel, the detergent behemoth, constantly disseminates TV commercials worldwide that deal with issues around the toilet. Over a decade, I was involved in such campaigns and learned how to maintain a toilet from the inside out. There can’t be said much, other than a toilet’s main problem is ordinary lime and not what one might […]


At some point, I had to make contact with UNEP’s Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI). They have the At some point, I had to contact UNEP’s Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI). They have the political clout and reach; I can add creativity and human resources to the mix. The result is the ongoing joint #PeatlandsMatter social media campaign I […]

The man on the moon

Buzz Aldrin is one of the last American Heroes. On 20, 1969, at 20:17 UTC, the Eagle touches down on the moon’s surface. That’s a milestone in humanity’s history but also the beginning of the myth that Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin never travelled to earth’s satellite but are part of an epic TV show that is […]

The surprise

In 2015, the Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, one of the world’s best-regarded institutes for catalytic chemistry research, asked me to write and produce a film telling its story. In that year, the institute became 100 years old, a good reason for a promotional film. While working on the topic, I learned some things about science. First, […]