Film production

Film production a joyful experience

A joyful and challenging experience. Since 1998 Hubbert & von Sonntag produced a fair share of this website’s film projects. Our producer Ina Hubbert has over two decades of experience in financing and organising international film productions, especially in the field of TV commercials. Often, such productions have to deal with VIPs, limited budgets and […]

The Ruhr case #1

At some point, it was clear that the coal and steel industry will shrink in Germany to a competitive player for steel specialities. In Dortmund that meant the sale of a whole steel plant to China. But what then? After some research, the public learned that the plant will be replaced by a lake surrounded […]

The Ruhr case #2

Change and Transition to a more sustainable life is the only way forward. Initiativkreis Ruhr is a lobby organisation that fights for a better life in the Ruhr area with the money of the local economic behemoths. Sure, there is a concrete economic interest in play, and sure the IR itself must be part of […]

Train drivers sing

Nothing beats a packed train in terms of eco-friendly transportation. But someone needs to be at the helm. Unfortunately, train drivers are in short supply. And if the transition to a sustainable and climate-friendly economy should be successful, we need more train drivers. And since everyone likes singing, we did exactly that. Cantor is Guildo […]

Feline self-reliance

I’m the kind of species that humans usually are for cats. Let cats miaow and look cute; I can’t care less. Besides, cats allegedly kill over two billion birds yearly in the US, and I like birds. But I get it; cats are part of our culture. Cats are on the rise. Cats play an […]

Vote climate

September 2021 was a decisive month in Germany. The fight against climate breakdown was on the ballots. In the end, a willing and future-orientated coalition is now heading the German government. But at that time, nothing was decided. We created a social media campaign running on Instagram to bring young and first-time voters to the […]

The UNESCO flagship

If I was asked what is your all-time favourite, I’d answer: my UNESCO shoot in 1996. Not much to comment on here, besides the life-changing experience of travelling around the world and shooting kids in the most dreadful places at that time.

Download: authentic film look in photography

Botany Beach, Ramsgate, UK

Botany Beach Winter 2022, Ramsgate, UK In the last year, I exposed with my Leica SL2-S over 10k images. Most of them got culled, but some ended up in Capture One for grading and finalising to ship to clients or family & friends. I don’t use camera JPEGs but don’t like to spend much time […]


I’ve been a petrol head, more precisely a car aficionado in the past. A few years ago, I lost interest in the automotive sector which somewhat changed when we got a Tesla Model 3, representing a paradigm shift. We feed that car with renewable energy, making trips more digestible. For me, the 70ies until the […]

European elections

In 2019, populists were on an unprecedented high. In France, the far-right Front National, Germany, the AfD and other right-wing and populist parties elsewhere, and regimes like Poland and Hungary make the prospect look grim for Europe’s successful fight against climate warming. With the help of private donors and German NGOs, we created a social […]