Life Dies in Absence of Love


At some point, I had to make contact with UNEP’s Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI). They have the At some point, I had to contact UNEP’s Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI). They have the political clout and reach; I can add creativity and human resources to the mix. The result is the ongoing joint¬†#PeatlandsMatter¬†social media campaign I developed on behalf of Eurosite.

Peatlands are ideally soaked up with water like a sponge and grow, when in a healthy state, slowly over the years layers of sphagnum moss that at some point turn into peat. In that process, bogs can build up 8m and more of peat; hence the name raised bog.

When drained and not sheltered by the water, the peat layers start to oxide resulting in literally tons of greenhouse gases polluting the air and causing climate warming. Thus, peatlands must be rewetted ASAP.

The first iteration with 10 spots was aimed at COP 26 and the political domain stressing the global warming issue. The next iteration will keep the target group but will focus on more granular aspects such as agriculture, biodiversity, the work in the field and other topics.