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Film production

Film production a joyful experience

A joyful and challenging experience.

Since 1998 Hubbert & von Sonntag produced a fair share of this website’s film projects. Our producer Ina Hubbert has over two decades of experience in financing and organising international film productions, especially in the field of TV commercials. Often, such productions have to deal with VIPs, limited budgets and demanding clients – a not so easy triangle.

We believe that a successful film shoot includes more than a shiny product and a happy client. To be sustainable in the long run, we regard our teammates as family members, people we want to work with again and more. And that’s not just wishful thinking but lived reality.

Ideally, we see a film shoot as a joyful and challenging experience for everyone involved, as a situation that will be remembered fondly, as a time of intensive learning and broadening of horizons.

Later, during editing, we put everything together and a new reality emerges, preserved in moving images and sound. All this requires research, thinking, planning and writing – well before filming.

We love all of it!