Train drivers sing

Nothing beats a packed train in terms of eco-friendly transportation. But someone needs to be at the helm. Unfortunately, train drivers are in short supply. And if the transition to a sustainable and climate-friendly economy should be successful, we need more train drivers. And since everyone likes singing, we did exactly that. Cantor is Guildo […]

Vote climate

September 2021 was a decisive month in Germany. The fight against climate breakdown was on the ballots. In the end, a willing and future-orientated coalition is now heading the German government. But at that time, nothing was decided. We created a social media campaign running on Instagram to bring young and first-time voters to the […]

European elections

In 2019, populists were on an unprecedented high. In France, the far-right Front National, Germany, the AfD and other right-wing and populist parties elsewhere, and regimes like Poland and Hungary make the prospect look grim for Europe’s successful fight against climate warming. With the help of private donors and German NGOs, we created a social […]

The lavatory cycle

Henkel, the detergent behemoth, constantly disseminates TV commercials worldwide that deal with issues around the toilet. Over a decade, I was involved in such campaigns and learned how to maintain a toilet from the inside out. There can’t be said much, other than a toilet’s main problem is ordinary lime and not what one might […]


At some point, I had to make contact with UNEP’s Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI). They have the At some point, I had to contact UNEP’s Global Peatlands Initiative (GPI). They have the political clout and reach; I can add creativity and human resources to the mix. The result is the ongoing joint¬†#PeatlandsMatter¬†social media campaign I […]